Frequently Asked Questions

You want to learn more? Find the most frequent questions about BiciMislata here.


How can I register?

You can sign up with nextbike following the next steps:

  1. Make the payment at the City Hall of Mislata and keep the receipt
  2. Go to the Centre Jove del Mercat or the Centre Jove Túria with original ID and photocopy of both the child and the parents and fill in a registration form for young people of 14+ (the forms will be provided in the Centre Jove).
  3. An employee will assure you in the creation of the account and validate the authorization form.
  4. You will receive the 6-digit access PIN for your customer account via an SMS on your mobile phone.
  5. You must now verify your account. To do this, log in to your customer account through the website or the nextbike by TIER application.
  6. After verifying your account, nextbike will activate your account and you can start.

Customer Account

What happens if my customer account is deactivated?

If your account has been deactivated, call customer service to: 662 36 01 85, or you can go to Centre Jove Turia or Centre Jove El Mercat for further information.


How can I change my phone number?

To change your phone number, please contact our customer service.

Rent, park & return

The return was not successful. What should I do?

Please report failed returns immediately to our customer service via app support or the hotline and have the bike number, the parking location and the actual use time ready. Our customer service can be contacted via nextbike app under support or via the hotline stated in the footer of the system’s website. Use the location search to find the website of your nextbike system.

Can I rent several bikes parallely with one customer account?

You can rent up to four bikes at a time using one customer account. Booked tariffs and special conditions usually only apply to the first bike.

What happens if I return my bike away from stations?

If you return your bike away from stations, a penalty will be applied. Find all penalties in our Terms & Conditions.


What do I do if my bike has a defect?

Defects can easily be reported via the support function in our app. Please check the bike for obvious defects before starting your journey or before renting it and inform us of any damage so that the bikes can be locked and repaired as quickly as possible. If you went off with a bike and only then notice a defect, end your ride and call our service. Only then can we cancel the ride and register the bike for repair.

Unfortunately, we cannot refund any fees if you have continued using the bike despite obvious defects.

Can I rent my bike in one city and return it in another?

Yes, at the time, there are official stations on Valencia city where you can rent and return your bike.

Can I park my bike during the rental?

Yes, you can.

Activate the park mode in the app and then close the lock (attention: If you close the lock before the park mode has been activated, the bike will be returned immediately). To continue cycling, end the park mode in the app and the lock will open automatically. Never end the park mode from afar.

The rental stays active during the park mode and will be charged as usual.

How do I recognize an official station?

All stations are marked on the map in the app or on the website with large markers (the small markers mark individual bikes). Also, there are also station signs, terminals or bicycle stands at the marked places.

Where can I return my bike?

Return your bike near an official station and lock the Framelock lock. You can see where the official stations are at the APP. If you return the bike away from the permitted area a penalty will be applied.

Our bikes

What is the maximum load of the bikes?

The maximum load of our bikes and e-bikes is 100 kg, of which a maximum of 5 kg may be transported in the basket.

Tariffs & conditions

How much does BiciMislata cost and what tariffs are available?

In Mislata, there are 2 types of rates (both annual):

The usage time allowed is 30 minutes maximum. You can rent and return the bike as many times as you wish.

The usage time allowed is 120 minutes maximum. You can rent and return the bike as many times as you wish.

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